Jamie Murphy

Dr Murphy is a Reader in psychology and a member of the Psychology Research Institute at Ulster University, Northern Ireland. Dr Murphy has investigated the expression of psychosis and the co-occurrence of psychological trauma and psychosis for the past 10 years. Challenging traditional disease based conceptualisations of psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia, Dr Murphy’s research has demonstrated that extreme perceptual, belief and behavioural abnormalities such as hallucinations, delusions and mania often emerge in, and can be understood against, a context of extreme life trauma and adversity. Funded by e.g. the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 initiative and the UK Economic and Social Research Council, Dr Murphy is published in the world’s leading psychiatry and psychology journals, and collaborates with some of the world’s leading authorities in the area. Core branches of his research include: the psychosis continuum; psychotraumatology; childhood sexual abuse and psychosis; social isolation and psychosis; trauma-cannabis interaction and psychosis; and PTSD-psychosis symptom overlap. Dr Murphy has also published on patient safety within mental health care environments and is the training coordinator for The Collaborative Network for Training and Excellence in Psychotraumatology (CONTEXT), an EU funded international, interdisciplinary doctoral training programme involving nine European partner organisations spanning the academic, non-governmental, voluntary, and public sectors (http://www.psychotraumanetwork.com/).