Third International Congress on Forensic Psychiatry


Friday 21.04.2017

11.00 A.M. – 12.00 P.M.

Opening Ceremony of the Congress and the Aurelius Award Ceremony 

12.00 P.M. – 2:00 P.M.

Inaugural session


Professor Piotr Gałecki
Krzysztof Eichstaedt, PhD


District Court Judge Adam Czerwiński

The legal status of an expert witness in Polish civil proceedings 

Supreme Court Judge Professor Dariusz Świecki

Psychiatric observation in a medical unit – medical and forensic aspects

Professor Piotr Gałecki

Discrepancies in forensic evaluation relating to the likelihood of reoffending of detainees

2.00 P.M. – 3.00 P.M.

Lunch break


3.00 P.M. – 4.30 P.M.

Expert debate



Challenges for forensic psychiatry in Poland


Wiktor Ferfecki, editor(Rzeczpospolita)



Lord Justice of Appeal Krzysztof Eichstaedt, PhD
Professor Piotr Gałecki,
Supreme Court Judge Stanisław Zabłocki,

Wojciech Zawalski, PhD (Head Office of the National Health Fund),

Representative of the Ombudsman,
Professor Zbigniew Lew Starowicz,
Professor Agata Szulc
  Sławomir Jakima, PhD


4.30 P.M. – 5.00 P.M.

Coffee break


5.00 P.M. – 7.00 P.M.




International session, interpreting provided

The nature of forensic psychiatry in selected countries of the European Union 


 30-minute lectures

Chairperson: Professor Daniel Boduszek

Professor Jamie Murphy

Where is the border of sanity in psychosis? GB standard

Professor Belinda Winder

Interviewing convicted sexual offenders

Professor Mark Shevlin

Stressful life events and psychological disorders in forensic settings: identifying tipping-points using regions of significance  

Philip Hyland, PhD

Early life trauma as a risk-factor for psychiatric
disorders and criminal behaviour

7.00 P.M. – 7.30 P.M.


9.00 P.M.



Saturday 22.04.2017


8.00 A.M. – 8.45 A.M.

Workshop session


Ewa Małachowska, PhD

Sexual abuse – long-term outcomes


Jan Ciechorski, PhD

The responsibility of hospitals for accepting a patient to a psychiatric ward in the case if legal provisions have not been complied with


9.00 A.M. – 11.00 A.M.






Krzysztof Eichstaedt, PhD
Professor Józef Gierowski

Professor Józef Gierowski

Comprehensive multispecialty evaluation

Lord Justice of Appeal Krzysztof Eichstaedt, PhD

Doubts connected with predication and execution of both isolation-based and non-isolative protective measures

Lord Justice of Appeal Michał Kłos, PhD

Chosen aspects of a deed in the evaluation made by a professional psychiatrist

Professor Daniel Boduszek

Profiling psychopaths in prison and general populations

11.00 A.M. - 11.30 A.M.

Coffee break


11.30 A.M. – 1.00 P.M.





  Professor Józef Kocur
  Professor Zbigniew Izdebski

Andrzej Depko, PhD

Raptophilia versus rape

Professor Zbigniew Izdebski

Norms in sexology


Professor Józef Kocur

Psychiatric recommendations in the adjudicative process in addictions and states of intoxication.  

1.00 P.M. – 2.00 P.M.

Lunch break


2.00 P.M. – 4.00 P.M.






Professor Monika Talarowska,
  Proffesor Piotr Gałecki



Alicja Czerederecka, PhD 

Screening methods in psychological and psychiatric evaluation

Agata Orzechowska, PhD 

Will of a suicide killer – opinion

Professor Rafał Kubiak

Medical (psychiatric) confidentiality after the death of a patient

Krzysztof Krysta, PhD

Antipsychotic medications (LAI) and antidepressants – role in treating detainees

4.00 P.M.

Conges conclusion